Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Office of Student Accounts

2023-2024 housing and meal plan rates

Residence hall rooms Year Semester
Double, triple, quad $5,650 $2,825
Single $6,625 $3,312.50


Apartment-style residence hall* Year Semester
Studio $9,920 $4,960
Two bedroom $9,580 $4,790
Three bedroom $8,990 $4,495
Four bedroom $8,460 $4,230
Two bedroom/four people $6,870 $3,435


Meal plans Year Semester
Residence Hall Meal Plan $6,380 $3,190.00
75 block meal plan** $4,720 $2,360
Mandatory commuter declining balance $200 $100

Students living in residence halls are required to have the Residence Hall Meal Plan through Dining Services. Contact Residential Life at 651-523-2061 for more information.

*Apartment rates quoted are for nine month leases.
**Available to third year, fourth year, graduate, and law residents only.